LiFi and Geolocation system by light : Indoor positioning


Li-Fi, short for Light Fidelity, offers an alternative solution to traditional means of communication – especially Wi-Fi.

By combining VLC (Visible Light Communication) with infrared, you can benefit from a two-way, high-speed wireless connection.
Li-Fi is designed to be used in conjunction with Wi -Fi.

The benefits
Guaranteed bandwidth for your data

A robust communications link which does not use radio-frequency, which is immune to external inter ference and which does not interfere with your existing environment

Secure communications: the content is only available in one place

An edge over the competition: a unique application for new technology
Schéma fonctionnement LiFi
Geolocation system by light : Indoor positioning

Thanks to our Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology and the YellowDot certification programme, TRATO offers an indoor positioning solution to every user of smartphone.


The YellowDot programme allows TRATO to certify its luminaires as being in line with the correct use of geolocation technology.

To achieve this, approved luminaires display a specific marking.

YellowDot now gathers a number of industrial companies who specialise in space digitalisation.

LC 3976 LED
How it works

Indoor positioning works to geolocate users via their smartphone with a precision of 30 cm. It is thus possible to receive on its smartphone information on products on shelves, and to obtain assistance whilst walking through the shop.


Consequently, the in-store user experience is improved. Retailers and large distributors can also use it
to collect data, allowing them to enhance their consumer behavior analysis and measure the impact of their marketing operations.

schema of LiFi
The customer experience
experience client

Indoor positioning works to optimise the customer’s passage through your store, allowing
greater fluidity. Various functions can be used to indicate where the shopper is located and to inform them of the best route for their purchases. This technology
also gives him information about his environment and offers assistance.

Customer involvement
picto engagement client

Your customers will spend more time in store, derive greater enjoyment from their shopping experience. Large distributors can communicate with users by sending them special offers, information and notifications. They can also provide social experiences, such as surveys and games.

Data analysis
Analyse des données

Using the location data generated by the Indoor Positioning system,
you can analyse customer traffic and behaviour, optimise instore promotions and measure the impact of your marketing operations.

Visible Light Communication (VLC)
Indoor Positioning
Indoor positiong schéma résumé
Only VLC technology
Mono-directional communication
Sends connection details
No network cables necessary
Data is received through the front camera on smartphones
Compatible with the DALI protocol
LiFi schéma résumé
VLC and IR technology
Two-directional communication
Connection to the computer network required
Data received via a USB dongle
Designed to guarantee secure bandwidth with no radio-frequency